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A Place For Everything is proud to have served families with residential organizing since 2004. Committed to providing quality service, going above and beyond to ensure our customers are completely satisfied is our goal.

Creating Order ~ Relieving Stress ~ Improving your life

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Shannon Grams is the founder of A Place for Everything!

She has been organizing her whole life. It all started as a teenager with the constant re-arranging of her bedroom.

Her organizing philosophy is one of being fully committed to bringing more peace, simplicity, and time to others' lives through the organization and

design of their belongings and spaces.

All of her friends will say she is the most organized person they know. She provides her clients with the highest level of confidentiality while providing quality organizing services. After conducting a thorough interview, Shannon visualizes a system that best suits an individual’s lifestyle.

Her policy of utilizing pre-existing resources allows the personalized organizational program to be cost-effective as well as efficient. With her expertise, she can help you achieve a balanced and simplified life. 

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A Place for Everything can show you ways to conquer the clutter and get organized.

Our goal is to create order in your life.

By doing so, it will relieve your stress and improve the quality of your life. 

With expertise, compassion, creativity, and a good sense of humor,we can assist you with Home De-Cluttering and Organization

Relocation Services include:
De-Cluttering / Packing / Unpacking

& Home Staging for your Move: 
Declutter your possessions, so you aren't moving items to your new home you no longer need. Breathe new life into your home prior to listing it for sale with editing and staging.  Get your new house off to an incredible start by having your possessions unpacked and find the perfect Place for Everything. 

Children Coaching:

Often, your small children won't listen to you.  Have them learn self care and personal management from a professional.  They will learn how to let go of things so that they are in charge of their possessions. 

Estate Distribution or Home Downsizing: 

Assistance with paying forward of the items you

no longer want in your life. 

A Place for Everything can manage any project you have neither the time nor patience to handle by yourself. We specialize in creative problem solving

and designing solutions that last.

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